The Next Chapter

Since the end of 2017 I have worked hard on some new very exiting projects that will come to be released in 2018. However with all the amazing new opportunities last year, it have also given me some time thinking about what the next chapter is.

Ever since I started out as a freelance consultant back in 2013, my focus has always been to get better on what I’m doing today and continue pursue my dreams. Even though I have had one of the most incredible journeys with opportunities to work with the industries finest, I somewhere lost my original direction within my freelance career. I can not say I regret one minute as it all has been a blessed journey to be a part of. But somewhere down the road I lost my original course and headed more into one field than one other.

For most people, that could be a good thing. To focus only at one thing. But when you get stuck within one area where you have to be creative and think in new ways to be able to improve things – is it very easy to become uninspired within that area.

So as with most things, some things will get worn-out over the years. It all comes to us in different stages in life, and I got a good feeling for it during the last quarter of 2017. I felt an eager to go back to my original roots and continue that journey that I started and pursue more on all the left-out dreams that now more have become a hobby.

And I know that a field shift could be a scary thing to do. Leave something that are well-known towards something that’s brand new. But I’m not scared. More motivated than ever to try something new for a bit. For a chance to reset the creative mindset. Since I lately have felt a bit uninspired.

So in the following months, new areas will be covered as I move more into photography/cinematography as well as voice acting. This is a major shift that I am super excited for. I will of course continue work within the design field, but I’m really excited for some new changes!

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